Why Is My Internet Business Not Working?

Starting an internet business is easy. Finishing it, is much more difficult. You start out with great expectations, eager to learn everything there is to know. As time wears on, you can become a little jaded. Where are my results? Why don’t I make any sales?

If you persevere through the tough times and make a few sales, you might start realizing how difficult it is to make a full time career out of the internet. After all, what you really need is a break. Should some content go viral it will change your income overnight. Or if you get a profitable campaign running through pay per click, it’s simply a matter of scaling up.

What if the big break is always around the corner though, and never actually arrives? What then? What if you have been blogging for months or even years and your results are still poor?

There’s a couple of things you can do should you find yourself in this situation:

1. Quit

2. Learn

If you have come this far and refuse to quit because you have invested either far too much time and/or money already, you probably will choose option 2.

Maybe you are determined to make a success of it because you know what an internet business can offer you in the long run: time and financial freedom. This is something which is always promised by the ‘guru’s’ but not always attained by everyone who starts out online.

I have found myself in this situation a number of times. My situation led me to affiliate marketing a few years ago when I would struggle to find enough work to pay the bills. I tried several ‘systems’ over the years and had some successes and some failures. I would say I definitely had more failures though. The failures taught me more than the successes.

I don’t believe success online comes easily to most people. At least not long term success. I had a few short lived successes and began to rest on my laurels, believing I had ‘made it’. But they were short lived. I had to pick myself up again and again from long bouts of poverty and despair to start again. The internet can be very forgiving that way at least and you can always start again.

The Busy Fool

The busy fool is what I am for most of my day! I am still learning how to best use my time however and follow the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule shows up in many of life’s circumstances. Basically put it means that most of your tangible success will come from only 20% of your activities. The rest of your online activity produces no results, or makes little difference at best. Focusing on those activities which create the most traction when it comes to results is what online business owners should focus on for the best results.

The Wrong Products

You can also spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong products and creating content that you know nothing about. Focusing on your passion has more longevity and is self rewarding. You can write for yourself rather than for some product you know nothing about, or some topic which only inspires you because you want to get paid! The right products also offer more longevity online. Memberships products can be sold once through your website and you can get paid over and over again for them. Sell a single item, and you only get paid once. This is just one example of how products can effect your bottom line.

The Wrong Direction

There are also a million people telling you the best thing to do online. Some people tell you to focus on content and to ‘rank’ on the search engines. Other tell you to use paid advertising and build a list. Some ‘online guru’s’ teach you to use Google AdSense, and others say to use affiliate products. Which one do you use? Jumping from one ‘golden goose’ to another costs you time and energy. Whenever you change direction online it takes time to build momentum. You need to get the best knowledge from the start or it can cost you a lot of wasted time and energy.

Confidence In What You Are Doing

If you don’t have confidence in your direction, you can easily be swayed off course – often by another shiny new internet ‘golden goose’ product! Again, this costs you more than the money you pay. It also takes time to get educated in a new direction, get started and get results. Only when you work for a sustained period of time will you get any results, whatever ‘system’ you settle on. You can only do this when you have confidence in your direction. Getting the right education should be your top priority and joining a community can help to keep you on track.

Stuck in Education Mode?

Here’s another thing. You can jump from one shiny object to another because you might really enjoy the learning process. But you never earn any money from your efforts. This can be for a number of reasons. Getting stuck in ‘education mode’ feels progressive. However, no amount of education online is worth anything without its application. Unless you can use this knowledge to make money, it’s pretty much worthless to you.

Your Self Image

If your self image holding you back? Your self image is the ‘glass ceiling’ of your inner world and it controls your outer results. If you continue to struggle, it can often be because of your beliefs relating to your self, your confidence, your work and your worthiness to receive money. Read Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz to fully comprehend the gravity of this. It’s huge. Unless your self image changes, there’s a strong change you will keep perpetuating the same problems.

No Traffic Equals No Sales

No matter how good your content is, no traffic always equals no sales. To earn from your online business you need to make sales. There are various reasons why you might have little or no traffic. Is your content great? Do people want to share it? Do you target specific keywords or just write about whatever you feel? Do you share your content or just publish it and hope for the best? What other ways do you generate traffic to your website other than creating content? Do you: link build, create videos, use paid for traffic, guest post, write content for article sharing sites?

Why Is My Online Business Failing?

There could be many reasons why your business isn’t yet a success. Re-frame your ‘failure’ gauge to “I haven’t had a sale yet” or “I haven’t had a visitor to my website yet”. Look for positives instead of sales. You might not have made a million yet but millionaires didn’t start off with a million. They start just where you are right now.

The only difference is they never gave up. Look for small successes rather than big unrealistic wins before they are due. Don’t expect results overnight. Don’t expect huge results for small amounts of effort. Focus on your efforts rather than results. Ask yourself “Do I really deserve better results for the effort I have put in?”. Think about how your activity affects your results. What activities can you change to improve things? Are you focused on money producing activities? Which activity/activities are responsible for your best outcomes?

Money Producing Activities

Are you wasting time on social media, creating pretty websites and browsing blogs? Or do you have a focused plan of activity? For a long time I wasted time online. I made images of eBook covers, wrote eBooks which had little chance of selling, and generally flitted from one idea to another. Are you doing the same? Avoid constantly checking emails, social media and other time consuming activities when you’re working on your online business. Focus on money producing activities. After learning something implement it immediately, don’t rest on your laurels or sit back. Learning is not the same as applying. Working is not the same as achieving. Don’t confuse ‘busyness’ with achievement.

Give It Time

An internet business takes time. If you are creating content, it takes time to rank on Google. It takes time for people to find your content. It takes time for them to sign up to your email list. Maybe 6 months down the line and after you have proved your worth to them, some people might buy a product from you. The more you see the bigger picture of what’s possible online the more you will choose the best activities to engage in for long term results. Don’t expect it to happen overnight but work hard on it every day until it does happen. Once you start seeing the magic of an online business, you won’t want to do anything else!

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