When You Know Your "Why" You’ll Connect With Your Audience

Why do you have an online business? If you’re just working to make a lot of money, you may find it challenging to reach your goal. That’s because online business efforts are much more successful when they are laser targeted.

You should undoubtedly be marketing to a smaller, niche target, rather than a huge field. It’s much easier to connect with a smaller, very precise group of people than the entire marketplace.

You’ll also find success quicker, and easier, when you establish the “Why” that drives you.

What’s Your “Why”?

What’s the reason you’re running your online business? Your initial answer is going to be pretty general. You may reply that your online business will ideally make you rich. You might also say you don’t like your boss, and hate working for someone else.

If your instant response is, “Because I want to be rich,” ask yourself “why” you want to be rich. Having wealth is fine, but what do you want from the money that you hope to make? Ask yourself why lots of money is important to you.

For example, do you want people to look up to you because you’re rich? Perhaps you would like to be able to donate large amounts of money to charitable organizations so that you can help others? In either case, you’ve found the root cause for your surface goal of making lots of money.

Why Your “Why” Is So Important

People identify with passion. When you keep your “Big Why” at the front of your mind, it drives every one of your business efforts. It becomes clear to your prospects and target audience. People that have that same focus, those that hold your important ideals in high esteem, will be happy to become your customers and clients.

That is because they think like you do. It’s easy for you to connect with them, mentally and emotionally. This is why digging down to your base reason for everything that you do is so important in business.

Business Can Be Tough

Business can be tough at times. Just like any other business, your online business will have highs and lows, good times and bad. If you are not 100% committed to a laser targeted vision that you hold above all other ideas, there are going to be times when you may think about throwing in the towel.

If you have identified, embraced and written down your “Big Why”, working through any type of setbacks and business difficulties will be no problem at all.

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