What Do Guys Like in Bed? 4 Things That Most Women Don’t Know About What Guys Like in Bed!

Do you know what guys like in bed? You see, while you may think you do, the fact is that 99.9% of women are WRONG when it comes to a man’s desire in the bedroom, and let me show you why! Read on to find out the 4 things that most women don’t know about what guys like in bed…

#1: Men ACTUALLY Like To Know How You Are Feeling – For a lot of men the pleasure of intimacy does not solely come from how they feel, but also how they are making YOU feel. You see, a man will feel very desirable and useful when he can see that you are being pleased and are happy with what he is doing.

However, he will feel down, depressed, and his self esteem will fall if he thinks you are faking it, or that you simply aren’t getting enough pleasure with him in the bedroom. Just like you, he wants to feel that what he is doing is actually appreciated and enjoyed, so make sure you communicate with him.

#2: Men LIKE Communication in the Bedroom – Most women make the mistake of never REALLY telling a man what they are feeling or what they want him to do. Instead, most women either fake it or simply don’t say anything at all. But the fact still remains that men are more satisfied when they actually KNOW what you want, because you are communicating with them, than they are when they are left to guess and wonder on their own.

Since men like to be challenged, they enjoy it when you actually tell them when a certain position doesn’t feel right, or when something else feels really good, because you are helping them IMPROVE. This will make him feel good in the end, because instead of criticizing him on what he didn’t do AFTER the fact, you are helping him during which in turn doesn’t hurt his feeling.

#3: Men Like To Cuddle Too – Men like to be held and be in a warm embrace just as much as women do. In fact, it’s part of our human nature, because at a very young age (think: babies) we are caressed, cuddled, and nurtured by our parents. This feeling never leaves us, and we always subconsciously desire the fulfillment of simply being in the warm embrace of another, and men definitely love it.

#4: Men Don’t Always Want Sex – If you truly want to know what a man wants in bed, you should understand that he actually doesn’t always want sex. For instance: sometimes a man may just want to cuddle, but this is misunderstood for him wanting sex. Likewise, if a man is extremely stressed or is tired he may not feel the need for sex, and understanding this is the BEST way to know what he wants in bed, because you can then read his mind and know whether or not he is in the mood, so that he doesn’t feel pressured if he is not in the mood.

Sometimes men will still make love even if they are not in the mood, because as mentioned, they also care about your feelings and how you feel and don’t want to come across as extremely selfish if they refuse.

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