The Crap Of Online Marketing Shortcuts

There has been far too many shortcuts being promoted out there today. Many so-called “guru” have been constantly put up different kinds of shortcuts to earn a massive amount of money from the internet. Claims such as “make money quickly with just 1 click” are being overly promoted today.

As a matter of fact, online marketing business is far less complicated than it seems. Reason why I mentioned it is far less complicated than it seems is because many people have been exposed to all the complication set out by th fake “guru”. When things get complicated, those fake guru will then introduce some form of cutting edge shortcuts that solve the complication that they set out initially, which don’t exist at all. There are no shortcuts and yet many people perceive online marketing far more complicated than it actually is.

Let’s be clear here. There are no shortcuts when it comes to online marketing. Even if there is, it is not sustainable. They only exist for a short period of time. After that, it will all be back to zero again. Game over and restart from scratch. I have seen a handful of people trying to work a certain shortcuts months after months, and even years! They are trying to earn quick money from it. They consume the idea of “get rich quick from the internet”. Truth is, those shortcuts only provide a short life span of earning money from the internet.

It is far more effective and wiser to make use of the time to build on quality work that is sustainable and able to provide a steady flow of income from the internet. It has been said that do the work right at the beginning and get paid for the rest of your life. It is applicable in online marketing. Here’s what you are supposed to do to create a true time and financial freedom from the online marketing business.

  • Look for a special unique product that gives you a nice commission. I would say at least $35 is a good starting point.
  • Build a simple, yet valuable to your audience. This site has to be a quality one. It has to offer good content for your audience. If it is an opt-in page, you need to ensure that you are giving out good content of free information.
  • Run real campaign to drive quality traffic to your site. These include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Social Media Marketing. Avoid cheap and high volume of traffic at all costs. $5 per month that gives 2,000 visitors a day is a waste of money and time. Take that $5 and buy yourself an ice cream is more rewarding.

In short, when it comes to build a solid and sustainable online marketing business, be prepared to put in the grunt work and let not all the shortcuts detour you.

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