The Best Online Tools for Your Business

Being a success in your online business is a process. Keeping the success of the business requires more. One should innovate, strategize, look for more opportunities and seek out new trends that will keep the business on top or at least profitably going.

Finding tools that will keep a business doing good online is not as hard as you think it is. Whether you have money and investments to spare or lacking in funds, you can find a tool that will help you improve as an entrepreneur and keep your business growing.

This includes a number of the best online tools you can use for your business according to the top entrepreneurs in the business.

TextExpander for Chrome

Cutting of a few minutes and saving time in doing your online tasks allows you to do more in a day. This online tool, TextExpander available for Chrome users can help you create custom keyboard shortcuts. Several minutes saved thanks to these shortcuts can give you a couple of extra hours for rest or to attend to your other business activities.


Having a hard time keeping and sticking with a schedule? ScheduleOnce can help you hook up with a very personalized calendar to help you keep up with your schedule at all times. Never miss a deadline or an appointment with this handy app that will help you with scheduling your business’ daily activities.

Your personal budget and all in one accounting and legal software can be found in one place. This website is perfect for all including individuals and small businesses. You can track your income, debt, expenses and more for a small amount. The intuitive and aesthetically appealing interface makes the task even easier for you to handle.


Whatever your wifi plans may be, Skype remains as one of the most effective and preferred choice for communication and exchange of data online. Skype, now owned by Microsoft is considered as the leader in VOIP calling. It can be used to communicate 24/7 to clients, colleagues and other entrepreneurs like you. Screen sharing is one of the coolest features you get to enjoy with Skype.


Starting an online e-commerce business might be too big of a task for a single individual. Create and manage your online store minus the fuss and hassle-free with Shopify. You can monitor your inventory, sales, orders as well as process payments all in one place. A reliable and easy to reach customer service is also readily available to assist you for your concerns and immediate needs. With a low monthly fee and a few transaction fees to consider, Shopify is one of the best places to launch your online selling site.


Managing your emails and correspondences might be a big task for you as well. Rapportive is a free Gmail plug-in that transforms your side bar into a shortcut where you can see relevant details of the person you are corresponding with. You will see a picture, their location and other social media links as well as your past conversations with them. Guessing email addresses for strangers using common email structures can be done and confirmed by a name and picture appearing on the right side once you get a match.

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