The Benefits of Building Good Rapport With Your Customers

Good rapport with customers can provide numerous advantages to a business. Here are three great reasons why you should build up rapport with your customers:

  1. Better rapport makes sales easier
  2. This is the single biggest reason why you should develop great rapport with your customers. When customers believe that you share many common traits with them, they are more likely to buy from, and support your business efforts. When less rapport is present, sales must be made purely on logical grounds for buying, and that is simply not how most customers buy. Instead, most customers buy for emotional reasons, then use logical reasons afterwards to justify their decision(s) to others. With more rapport, the sale has a higher probability of closing.

  3. Better rapport makes positive word-of-mouth advertising more likely
  4. Customers who think highly of your business are great sources of referrals, leads, and testimonials. These positive reports are good for encouraging potential customers who your business might otherwise have trouble reaching or influencing. This form of advertising is especially powerful, since it can work for your business many times, and at little or no cost. Hence, a small initial investment in good rapport can pay dividends for much longer than you might think. Another benefit of good word-of-mouth advertising is that customers who are favorably inclined towards your business will defend you from those customers who might have negative things to say about your business.

  5. Better rapport means customers will give you the benefit of the doubt
  6. If your business continues long enough, it will eventually make a misstep of some type. When customers share good rapport with a business, they will probably overlook minor problems, if they believe that these are one time exceptions which will not be repeated again in the future. On the other hand, if a business has already lost much customer goodwill, then it is not only harder to explain failings, but customers may also actively look for other problems with your business. Since these problems can be avoided with good customer rapport, it should be maintained as much as possible.

Quite simply, when you have good rapport with customers, sales are easier to make, positive word-of-mouth is likely to be spread, and you will generally get the benefit of the doubt should any problems arise. Since there are so many benefits, every business should have a plan for improving rapport and goodwill among its customers.

Copyright 2010, by Marc Mays

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