Profitable Online Business Ideas and the Recession – Your Thoughts

In previous articles we saw that helping others is key and crucial to achieving our own dreams and goals. We also discussed how our attitudes and focus will play a major role in the success of our home based business. We also saw how taking action and persistence is vital to our success. But what ties all these attributes and attitudes together? I believe that one of the very most important keys to our success is our own personal thoughts.

Many people believe they are victims or products of their environment. First, I don’t believe we are victims unless we allow ourselves to be one. I simply choose not to be one. Today’s society is way too eager to make everyone out to be a victim. And I believe that too many people are too willing to be made into victims. It does away with personal responsibility. We are all human beings and we can choose how we wish to live. We all have God given abilities and gifts to help us achieve those dreams. We don’t have to be victims or products of our environment, we can change ourselves and thus change our environment. I believe that we are products of our own thoughts.

There is an old saying, ” if you think you can, your right. If you think you can’t, your right.” So it really comes down to a matter of choice. How do you choose to think? When I was young, I was like the vast majority of people in the world. I let my environment and my thoughts control me. And sad to say, I was a product of those two things. That was until I read a book by Norman Vincent Peale, The power of positive thinking, and that book changed my life.

I understood what he was saying in that book. And more importantly, I believed what he said. And more importantly still, I acted on what he said in the book and I chose to change. I was tired of living a meager life. I was tired of living limited and defeated. I realized I was a “victim” of my own thoughts. I wanted to succeed at everything I put my hand too! I wanted to overcome and be victorious! I simply wanted to be a winner! I believe that God is positive, not negative. He is creative and not destructive, and if we are truly His children, than we are too! So I chose to change my thoughts.

Our words determine our thoughts. Our thoughts will determine our attitudes. Our attitudes will determine our habits. And our habits will determine how we live. You can choose how you think. You can choose to think negative thoughts or you can choose to think positive thoughts. Is it easy? Not at first. But like everything else, with practice it becomes easier. Just stop and take an honest look at negative people, we all know one or two! Are they in life where they want to be? Are they happy with their lives? Are they helping others to succeed in life? The answer is probably no to all those questions. Then ask yourself, is that how I really want to live?

I know what some of you are thinking. What does all this positive thinking have to do with a profitable online in-home business? Everything! Remember, if you think you can, your right! Our thought process starts with our words. Start by speaking positive words, and speak them often. Remember, our words determine our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our attitudes, habits and our beliefs. When we believe in ourselves, anything is possible! The key is to believe you can create your own profitable online business. As you develop belief and positive attitudes you will attract others to you and your business will grow. And you will grow as a positive person.

It all comes down to choice. You can choose to change your thinking. And in so doing you will change your life. If you haven’t read the book, The Power of Positive Thinking, get it today and read it. I promise it will change your life.

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