Modern Warfare – The Main Types

The history of the world is defined by the battles led by mankind. People fight in order to protect their resources or to conquer the ones of other nations. Generally, the concept of total war is used to describe the military conflicts between entire states up until the Second World War. The term modern warfare refers to military methods as well as tactics and technologies used after this war. There are many and different types of fighting concepts used in the today’s world.

Ground or land warfare has been losing its importance in parallel with the development of technologies. The use of armor fighting vehicles and artillery weapons allows for more effective and more destructive strategies. At the same time these innovations allow for the reduction of casualties to the very minimum.

Naval modern warfare is extremely diverse and well developed. The action usually takes place in deep waters as further away from coastal territories as possible. Apart from the submarines and the destroyers the aircraft carriers are also vital for the success in any battle by giving more attack and operational options.

Nuclear warfare is another type that should be noted. Most nations today realize the high destructive power of such weapons. Constant efforts are being made for their use to be as limited as possible.

Asymmetric warfare refers to strategies based on the use of the strengths and weakness of the enemy. Often the tactics are outside of the conventional and include terrorist ones. It is worth pointing out that this type of combat does not have much in common with guerrilla fighting. However, it is closely related to fourth generation warfare which involves the use of unconventional tactics adopted by all sorts of groups including civilians in all sorts of situations including peaceful ones.

Other notable types of modern warfare include chemical and biological one. It is worth pointing out that special psychological and propaganda strategies are also heavily used.

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