MLM Tips – Top 3 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Name List

Building a list for your network marketing business is the most important part in building a solid foundation because your list is your life line. When your list runs out, you will be in deep trouble because it is like having your oxygen supply cut off in the pursuit of your success.

So how does one avoid this problem? By practicing these 3 methods that will make sure you do not wind up in that predicament:

(1) Go on the Internet and position yourself as a network marketing expert. Top network marketing recruiter – Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame stresses the importance of selling the benefits of the cure rather than the features of the medicine. If you observe sick people, they don’t really care what the name of the drugs are – Polaramin, Panadol or anything that starts with P… they don’t care at all – they just want the cure! Network marketing should be like that. You should focus on solving other people’s problems and that is why, most people who hammer their business opportunities down their prospect’s throats, fall flat on their face.

(2) In addition to going on the Internet to brand yourself, you can turn the tools you use on a daily basis into excellent lead generating tools. Do you use Google, You Tube and Facebook? These are the tools that you can use to get new prospects.

(3) Lastly, you can use the Internet to automate the majority of your business. You can use sales letters, lead capture pages, autoresponders, email marketing and payment processors to collect new leads and new avenues of cash flow.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you do the right thing instead of doing the thing right. There is a subtle but significant different that will make or break your success.

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