Make Money Online – 3 Ways To Make It True


With the Internet, it is possible to make money today right from your own home computer, with little or no investment, no costly marketing, and no product inventory. You can earn considerable commission fees on a variety of products and services on a one-off and even recurring basis through a series of highly effective internet marketing techniques.

Did you ever stop to consider why so many ‘big players’ don’t make it on the internet? Dreams of huge e-companies with a desire to ‘go public’ and make it’s founders millionaires overnight have been shattered as the Internet loses it’s holier-than-thou reputation and is finally acknowledged for just was it is – a modern communications tool.

Yet many entrepreneurs continue to make considerable and ever increasing incomes from the internet, without ever having hired an employee, rented office space, and certainly without getting caught up in the ‘going public’ hype.

Maybe you’ve heard about, or perhaps even know of, someone with a ‘small’ internet business, yet they manage to make huge sums of money with apparently little or no overheads? It’s true, the Internet really is a cash machine, but you have to know how to use it.

There are many ways to earn money online but in this article, I will try to show you only those which will easy and for the long term.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a Marketplace where people buy and sell different services such as Graphic, Animation and much more.

We can also do same and make money from it.

Just go to create an account and create Gig and start selling.

Hot niches for Fiverr:

Graphic Designing (Logo, Vector Work)

Animation (2D & 3D)

SEO (Off Page / Link building)

Voice Over

2. YouTube

YouTube can be a big source of income for you if you understand properly, There are many YouTubers do make money with YouTube and they use it as their main source of income.

You have to create a YouTube account and then choose a niche and finally, you will create an AdSense account then link to the YouTube channel or account and you will be able to make money from YouTube.

3. Google AdSense

As earlier I talked about YouTube it’s similar to the YouTube technique but not all.

If you want to make money with Google AdSense then you must have a Website and approved Google AdSense account.

After these two things you can place AdSense code/ads on your site and people will see and you will be paid for that.

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