Jay Kubassek Review – Is He Really a Direct Sales and Internet Marketing Guru?

Jay Kubassek has an extraordinary record running a business as the co-owner of Carbon Copy Pro, affiliate marketer of Wealth Masters Global, and past affiliate marketer with Liberty League Global. This review will target Jay’s work and impact when you look at the direct sales and online marketing scene; but he has got an extensive history in many other organizations as an independent film producer, owner of six organizations, an expert presenter and trainer, a worldwide property designer and investor, and an extreme sport lover. Additionally it is noteworthy to mention his philanthropist efforts into the title promotion in Africa, the Toasting Timbo Foundation, The Children’s Institute for Autism, the Salvation Army, the Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and nationwide cancer of the breast Foundation. This review may help readers see whether Jay is an established and quality man to participate running a business.

Jay’s record begins rather humbly as an employee at Midas. Although he had an entrepreneurial nature from his teenage years, his success only came within the past 5 years. In accordance with inference from a blog entry he manufactured in March of 2009, Jay is within his early 30’s. His very first company as a teen included taking care of the $5 million dollar family members farm in Canada and speaking for sustainable agriculture conferences. Although he encountered complete failure for very first 36 months in home-based organizations, 1 day Jay got taking part in a business-likely Liberty League International-with no home to flee. He maxed on his credit cards, and it also ended up being a ‘run with-it or die’ scenario. Within a few weeks, he had made back once again his preliminary investment of two grand, and 90 days into it he quit his job. 6 months later on he had been making $20-30,000 in four weeks. He broke the $100,000 monthly level in his tenth thirty days as he began to move his company viewpoint to aid other individuals attain equivalent success as himself. Started in 2000, at some point LLI ended up being the absolute most rapidly expanding direct sales organization of the ten years. Jay became a premier producer for organization; but ultimately Jay and many top producers left. It was almost certainly a result of the bad promotion through the company’s tarnished reputation as a result of case filed by the lawyer General. One-day, Jay and long-time associate Aaron Parkinson shared company a few ideas. 3 months later on they co-founded what today exists as Carbon Copy Pro.

The preferred and significant of Jay’s organizations is the evolution to the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system. This technique encourages the Wealth Masters Global organization which is why Kubassek is a joint venture partner. Suffice it to say, Carbon Copy Pro has a presence in 160 countries and has now a net well worth of $20 million dollars. The organization obtained a top level of preliminary success as numerous members achieved $20-50,000 monthly incomes. The essence of the system could it be cuts down the training curve that online marketers knowledge by reducing several formerly essential skills. As a mix item to fit Carbon Copy Pro, Jay produced BiB (Business-in-a-Box) as a startup tool in 2008 being level the playing area for web marketers.

Jay is showcased in several hit articles, including business Connection August 2008, Equestrio, the newest York Observer, HoBO, and Forbes. He has each person’s best interest at heart, and even though i will be actually not connected to Jay Kubassek by any means, we recommend following the maxims he shows and also at least exploring and understanding his work at home opportunities. Jay’s record talks for his stability as an established businessman.

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