Internet Marketing Strategies – Approaching People For Integration Marketing Offers

When you are wanting to start integration marketing…to implement the principles…and really put them to work for your business…you are going to have to approach people with your idea. I mean, it isn’t going to happen all by itself, right? Taking the right action steps is a key part of any of the internet marketing strategies that I teach and it is no different here.

Once you identify people who sell similar products to yours…ones that it looks like integration marketing would be a good fit, then you are going to call them or email them. One of the best ways is to point out that this is something that will help both of you…and really, it has to or it isn’t integration marketing!

So you are going to call “Joe” and say, “I have this idea where you and I can help each other…I can put money in your pocket…profit that you don’t have to work for. It’ll help me build my business and it will help your existing customers…” You really just present the offer to them.

I know there are people who are thinking, “That is not going to work”…but it does!

Mark Joyner, the guy who coined the term integration marketing, told me about his first call-it went something like this:

I picked a guy who I knew would be smart enough o see that this was a valuable thing. And I got out my little calculator and I said, “Hey, look, man. This is what we’re doing. We’re putting this offer on the back end of our ebooks and you know we are getting about 50% conversion right now. Let’s just imagine we do that with you and we only get about 20% sales…”

I said, “Now, you’re not selling anything on this space right now at all, right? How many sales a day do you get?” Of course the guy tells me the number. I said, “Okay, let’s imagine that we close 20% of those sales, your commission is $x…you get that every month.” Now he could hear me clicking on my calculator…and I said “This is what you’re going to have monthly at the end of the year. This is a very conservative estimate because we’re getting 50%…do you think you could get 20%”

The guy was obviously interested, “And that’s every month?” And I said, “Absolutely.” He said “How do we get started?”

Bam! Now you have an integration marketing partner…you give them a piece of code that he puts on his thank you page and you’re done!

Now you might not have the proof behind you to say you convert at 50%…be honest in your approach, but you get the basic idea. The bottom line is you are offering them a way to make some money using space that isn’t doing anything for them right now…it doesn’t cost them anything but the little time it takes to put the code on their page.

Take some tips from Mark…have some honest numbers, call people with appropriate products and make them the offer…let them know how much profit they stand to make month in and month out. The thing about internet marketing strategies that deal with other people is you want to be thinking about how it affects the other person! That is what is in the long-run going to help you, too! Take the simple step of calling a person and offering the idea and you are on your way to putting integration marketing to work in your business.

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