How to Revive a Real Estate Business Using Online PR Campaign Strategies

The days of marketing by just having your face on a “For Sale” sign or business card are long gone. Taking advantage of the internet and online PR Campaigns can be fairly easy if you are open to revamping your marketing strategy.

The old days of direct mail flyers with your picture and E-mail address is slowing becoming less effective as the web is reaching into homes and mobile smart phones at an accelerated pace.

With smart phone technology, video, touch screens and faster search engines; the concept of finding what you need is becoming easier for the non-technical consumer. Your web presence must be more than a static page with your face and a few listings to compete in today’s real estate market. Your name and brand need to be visible under multiple venues with associated content that help drive clients to you like a web funnel that drop new prospects at your door.

A Public relations campaign consisting of Realtor newsletters, Blog postings, e-mail marketing tips or even online webinars is now becoming the standard vehicles for many realtors and brokers. As the more progressive agent utilizes online marketing techniques to get their message and brand in front of potential customers, the more successful they become.

As the web becomes more pervasive and accessible through smart phone technology, your real estate business must find ways to become just as available when your prospects are ready to buy or sell their homes. By using the internet to drive your brand and promote and business you stay ahead of other realtors who are still putting their face on static web pages waiting for calls.

Creating a PR Campaign video should be part of your marketing portfolio so that you can compete and stay ahead of the next real estate agent looking for the same clients you are. Rev up your marketing machine with online content and your clients will easily find you when they are looking for realtor services. If you don’t, the top agent in that other real estate office will certainly beat you to the next listing.

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