How to Make Money Online Without Google

Google positioned himself as a leader in the field of search engines. Many people think that if your web site is not on the first page of Google search for particular keyword, that you cannot be successful in online business. Well that is not true. Your site does not need to even be indexed with Google, and still you can make a lot of money. Here is couple of examples how.

Best way to make a lot of money on the internet without Google is article marketing. If you write great article, with a lot of valuable information about product or service that your web site is about, you can expect many targeted visitors to your web site. That is because large number of internet users are looking for information on particular product or service. If you manage to create desire in them with your quality and unique article, you already did 90% of sales.

Other advantage of article marketing is that you can profit from Google even if your site is not ranked high in Google’s ranking. When you submit your article to quality article directories like Ezine Articles, you can expect for your article to rank high, because Google counts quality article directory and especially Ezine Articles as a high authority sites.

Besides article marketing, you can use forum posts and blog commenting to attract more targeted visitors to your web page. As I said before, people are looking for information on the internet. If you can provide them with right information on the places like forums or blogs, where they are looking for it, you can expect that they will visit your site.

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