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1 Affiliate Product Reservoirs (Companies)

3.2 Clarification of Terms

3.3 0 The rules have changed

3.3.1 Know your Audience

3.3.2 Use the Product by Yourself

3.3.3 Promote Relevant Products

3.3.4 Promote Only 1-2 Products per Webpage

3.3.5 Can You Spy Your Audience?

3.3.6 Or Watch Your Competition?

  1. 4 How to Get ClickBank Product to Promote

3.5 Other Options for US and US non-residents





You have just finish setting up your squeeze page in the previous lesson, did you? Hopefully, you did just that. If not, please go back and figure that out because, on a serious note, this business begins from there!

The next question that you may ask is, what am I going to sell to those names and emails on my list? You have just sent them the gift they signed for, yes, but that is no business. Your work is to sell some digital products to them and make profits.

It is only when you can do this successfully and, and do that repeatedly, that you can call yourself a successful Internet Marketer, and that you will also be able to sustain your new business…

Now, relax, there is no cause for alarm.

My job here is to advice you on what to do next,

next, and

next, from the scratch to the


Let’s go…

Think for a while, you will remember, I talked about choosing your niche market and market research for marketable keywords in the previous courses – hope you can recall all of that (chapters 1, 2 and 3). One of the main tool that will make your business highly profitable is your KEYWORDS.

You will need them not only for the niche selection, market research, but also for selecting the products that you intends to sell profitably.


– To describe the job of an Affiliate Marketer

– To state some rules of Affiliate Marketing

– To narrate how to get Affiliate Products for promotion as an Affiliate Marketer.


3.1 Affiliate Product Reservoirs (Companies)

There are two ways to acquire the products that you intends to sell online, number one, is to get them from fellow marketers ( Merchants) while the second option, is to create the product by yourself. Both ways have their peculiar advantages as well as disadvantages.

Remember that our main focus now is on digital products. I will find time in a later chapter to talk briefly on how to sell Physical Products on the Internet.

One of the easiest ways to get Affiliate Products to start your Online Business is by approaching any of the Affiliate marketing programs and networks of your choice. Popular among them are ClickBank, Paydotcom, ShareASale, and Commission Junction.

ClickBank seems to be the indisputable flag bearer in this industry, so I will be referring to this company more often. You can also browse for AFFILIATE NETWORKS to see others.

3.2 Clarification of Terms

When reading about Affiliate marketing, you will notice four terms that are used regularly. They are: Affiliates Networks, Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Merchants and Affiliates. These terms need some clarification to avoid confusion.

Affiliate Networks are conglomerations of Affiliate Programs e.g. Peerfly. They do the same work as Affiliate Programs, but with more options in terms of more products and more leverages as many Affiliate Programs come together to create bigger business opportunity and greater coverage.

Affiliate Programs are consortiums of Affiliate Merchants e.g. ClickBank. They specialize in marketing, providing payment processor and customer service, etc.

Affiliate Merchants are individual product owners – of course in the global (even national) business arena, the rules have it that individuals should conduct their businesses using a Business Name or better still, their Private Companies.

Affiliate Merchants, main focus is product creation for the market. They do market research to know where gap or need exists, and create product to fill up the gap, to fulfill that need.

Affiliates are the Marketers who signup with Affiliate Programs or Affiliate Networks to market products owned by Affiliate Merchants. They specialize in Online Marketing of Digital and other products.

Those brief explanations are sufficient for now, to avoid information overload. You will get to understand more as you get involved in this business.

3.3.0 The rules have changed

Before now and even now you still see people promoting 3-5 or even more products on their blog to their own chagrin, but, the rules have changed.

3.3.1 Know your audience: Now you must know with almost laser precision the kind of audience that you are marketing to. This makes it easy to go to ClickBank and search for the products that will serve them well. This is very important because failure to sell the right product to the right audience will impact negatively on your business.

3.3.2 Use the Product by Yourself: Endeavour to get and use a product first before recommending it to others. This will help you to understand what other users are going through. It will also help you to write a very insightful review on it on your blog.

3.3.3 Promote relevant products: If you are in the Employment and Jobs niches and suddenly start promoting Passion and Dancing training to your list, you don’t need a prophet to tell you why you are not making sales – simply, the two niches are at two opposites and uncomplimentary ends.

3.3.4 Promote Only 1-2 Products Per Webpage: Do not promote too many products on your website – as mentioned above, the rules have changed. The internet is gradually getting saturated with skillful marketers, and selling 1 or 2 two complementary products on your site is what is yielding profits these days than attempting to sell more.

Please do not be confused by the above statement – you can select 5 – 10 products to promote in your niche, but place them one per page, then, may be, link it to 1 OTO, when you are promoting them.

3.3.5 Can You Spy Your Audience? To grow in this business, make sure you have a way spy out on your audience. There are many ways to do so. One of such ways is to provide for comments, feedback or suggestions on your blog.

You can also use Facebook or Qualaroo. There are other more sophisticated software that can do this job for you, but for a beginner, these simple tools will still yield result.

3.3.6 Or Watch Your Competition? The best way to delay the progress of your online business is to try to reinvent the wheels. Things does not always work that way online.

The fact is that what makes online business look like an all-comers-affairs is that it is a copy-catting business arena!

Does that surprise you? If it does, next time you are on YouTube, please listen with wisdom to one of the epoch inventor of our time ‘Steve Jobs: Good artist copy great artists steal Christoph Dernach’.

So just go ahead and watch what others are doing in the marketplace, then apply wisdom while copying them with skillful modifications that will make your new product as indisputably original as possible!


Now let us go back to ClickBank.

3.4 How to Get ClickBank Product to Promote

Visit ClickBank and

a) Go To Marketplace and browse the categories

b) Find good products that match your audience and your niche.

c) Check the gravity: 10+ recommended for newbies, forget about the popularity.

d) Click on PROMOTE, fill in your user name, get a link and start promoting them on your site using the methods that I will discuss later in the next few chapters that follow.

e) Traffic, traffic, traffic… we will talk in details about traffic in this course as traffic is the mainstay, the essence of your online business.

f) Rinse and Repeat at ClickBank and other companies.

3.5 Other Options for US non-residents

On a side note, non-residents in US, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, may experience some sort of blockade against their country in their attempt to do affiliate marketing business.

But websites like ShareASale, AzooogleAds, Jumia, Click2Sell, Vconnect, etc. may be very useful alternatives. You can check on them.

Signing up to market the products of any of these company has almost a similar process like that of the ClickBank. Besides, all these sites have step by step instructions on how to sign up and start selling their products as affiliate marketer.

After signing up to get their links, you just go ahead to market these products using the various traffic methods that will be taught in some of the subsequent courses later.


In general, stick to selling only digital products when you are just starting out. It is easier to break-even in digital product affiliate marketing than physical products for so many reasons.

These reasons include higher commissions, instant delivery and instant gratification of the client, no waiting by customers for days before getting what he bought – this minimizes refund rates among others.


The terms common in Affiliate Marketing business was stated and clarified. The step in finding products for sale in at least one Affiliate program, was explained.

I also attempted to state, in general terms, the rules that should be the guide of every Affiliate Marketer.


Go to ClickBank, sign up if you have not done so by now, and browse the marketplace for some of their products in your niche using the categories and your longtail profitable keywords you discovered during your market research, as your guide.

Keep them aside in your hard drive. You will soon need them in chapters 13, 14 and 15 for business.

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