How Do You Deliver the Goods From Your Online Business?

Are you thinking of starting an online shop? If you are, and all the indicators imply that 2010 is going to be another year of growth for online businesses, then you need to look at the delivery options and delivery costs for your company.

If the items are small, low value and less than 2kg in weight then your best, economically viable option is the Royal Mail. If the items are worth more than £2,500 in value then you need to source alternatives or you will find you are not insured or under insured should something get lost in the post. Although the Royal Mail is very good, inevitably some things will get lost, you will need to factor this in when pricing your products.

Parcel carrier such as DHL and Interlink offer good prices for volume. That is actual volume and not predicted volume. I mention this as people often prefer to state their forecasted volume and not their actual volume. If you say you are sending 50 packages a week and only send 10, you may get a surcharge added to your bill or charged at a higher rate, as discounts are specific to volume.

If your online business is selling bigger items such as

  • beds
  • sofas
  • mattresses
  • ovens
  • white goods such as washing machines and tumble dryers

Then you need to look at the options available. Pallet networks are good for items that can be shipped on a pallet and withstand the weight of other items (depending on how the vehicle is loaded). Pallet networks work on strict capacities, items that are oversized or ‘ugly’ freight will be charged extra. This is not recommended for goods that are likely to break. A courier service normally charges a flat rate for your delivery based on the items, and while this may be slightly more expensive when just making a comparison on price, a good courier service won’t have the hidden surcharges.

For items that are ad hoc or don’t fit the Royal Mail, parcel carriers or the pallet networks, then a courier may fit the bill. A good courier service will help you source the right solution for your online businesses deliveries. Communication with a same day courier is better than what you get with the Royal Mail, parcel carriers or pallet networks.

Many online businesses leave the delivery aspect to the last minute and price it incorrectly, eroding into their profits. We suggest you look at a variety of transport suppliers for your needs and also take into account your customers needs.

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