Have You Tried Starting An Online Business?

Many people think you can just find a domain name, attach it to a website and “presto!” – you are in business!

Technically, that may be true. But there is a far cry from having a website and having a business! A business, by definition, must produce income. If you are working and not producing income – you have a “hobby” and not a business. What I just said may have offended many people, but you need to hear the truth.

I tried for five years to make an online “business.” But failed. I failed at everything I tried! Every idea; every concept; every angle… FAILURE! But even though I failed at “business,” I did not fail at “learning what not to do.” You see, every business idea I tried, I still learned something.

The knowledge I have now is far, far greater than the knowledge I even “thought” I had back in the beginning. The skills I have now I did not even know existed just a few years ago.

I remember my first venture into online business… I had to purchase the “done for you” system so somebody in India could set up my business for me. I had no clue how to even start! We will talk more about the “Done for you” systems in another article. Let’s just suffice to say right now that I wasted a lot of money in the beginning!

But now, I can purchase a domain, purchase a Word Press site, set my domain to the host servers and format the Theme and set up the website in just an hour or so. Those are skills I learned along the way. Instead of purchasing the “Done for You” system because I did not have a clue, like in the beginning days, I can conceive an idea and have the website open for business in just a few hours!

So, if you are one of the 98% club that has failed at stating an online business – just sit down and think about the skills you have learned along the way. Those are skills you can still use. Those are skills you “paid for” and that you can use to create your online “dream job.”

We will talk more about that in other articles.

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