Get Your Primerica Business Leads in Three Easy Steps

What’s so great about the Primerica business opportunity?

The Primerica business opportunity is a great choice in today’s economy with a 2.5% gain in popularity in the past month, and has been proven as a stable MLM, since its original launch in 1977. It’s always rewarding when you can help families become debt free and financially independent.

But where can you find your Primerica business leads? Using a network of independent reps to promote insurance, legal services and investments, it just makes sense to find your Primerica business leads online. But how?

There’s no need to succumb to failing in your business because of lack of Primerica business leads…

Actually, they shouldn’t say “fail”. I just hate that terminology! Because, when you think about it, there’s no such thing as failing. You simply produce an outcome which is either closer or further away from the result you’re after. What multilevel reps really do is quit.

And, statistics show that, even though 95% of multilevel reps quit their first year of marketing, of the 5% that do hang in there, those guys have a 98% chance of making a six figure income within ten years!

But there’s so much rejection in the offline market today, because the average person will simply go to his home computer and Google the phrase you’ve been trying to talk to him about! But what if you could be that guy on the computer who gets the leads?

So here’s your 3-step formula for getting your Primerica business leads online

1) Begin with a blog.

If you’ve been in network marketing for a while, they you’re very aware that people will buy and become inspired to join other people who they know and trust. You know what they say, “people don’t join business opportunities; people join people”. And that phrase in the MLM industry is the reason why there’s no upline out there who will direct you in the online marketing direction.

But here’s the thing you need to remember: Your blog is the “internet you”.

Once people start following you and subscribe to your “rss” to get your blog posts, they come to know you. And, if you can embed videos in your blog, all the better! By the time people actually do call you to talk on the phone, they feel they know you, and you are an instant friend!

2) Promote your blog.

You can do this with social syndication and backlinking. It’s important to remember to blog with the intent to attract your target market. The object is to have the pages that you put on your blog to rank. So you want pick keyword phrases that people are searching for, and create your blog page around that keyword phrase. You can easily find out how many people are searching for a particular phrase by going to the free Google tool, “”.

I suggest providing information in your post that people will find interesting to read. The idea is to keep them intrigued enough to want to hear more from your so you can make them your “internet friend” who is interested in what you have to offer.

For example, and article that is based on the keyword phrase “long term vs. short term” gets 8100 searches per month, and is something that you can blog about that will give people valuable information.

3) Stay in contact with your Primerica business leads.

On average, people need to be approached seven times before considering joining an opportunity or making a purchase. Seven times? OMG! Who in their right mind would do that?

No wonder so many people quit MLM! I strongly advise an email auto responding system that will send out email notices immediately to people as soon as they opt in to your blog. Most of us have full time lives and don’t have the time to sit by their computer all day long and watch for leads.

But you have to get them when they’re hot… so how can you do that? With an email auto responder! You can also send out personal email broadcasts to your list on a daily basis to keep them updated with more information, which is strongly recommended by the online marketing community.

This is YOUR Primerica businsess… isn’t it worth the effort?

Keep in mind, learning how to market online takes time, but the learning experience is well worth the effort. Knowledge is power. You remember all that “knowledge” you had to learn in high school? Wouldn’t you rather starting acquiring real knowledge that can help you get real money for your Primerica business?

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