Facebook Tips – Take the Advantages and Avoid the Disadvantages

There are many cases that occur because of Facebook. For example, you may have ever read about an employee who got fired because of writing “bored at work” on the status box which apparently checked by the manager. There are also lawsuit cases of people who think that Facebook made hem have to bear embarrassment and humiliation for various reason.

Facebook can be considered as a new social networking site, but the popularity and the cases occur has defeated the popularity and the tracks of other social networking sites. So if you are interested to join this site, make sure you have already know the flaws on it so you can take the advantage of it without occurring similar problems like I have mentioned above.

First of all, you have to determine first about the main purpose of creating Facebook profile. If it is related to business, then you have to write is as accurate as possible. Create a profile that will represent your business in positively. If you want to create a personal profile, then you have to remember that the entire aspect if the profile will be accessible for other people, then you have to be careful in picking the right words to describe your self and the picture or photos as your profile picture.

Tips to Avoid the Facebook Disadvantage

  • The thing that you have to be careful with your Facebook [http://budisjournal.blogspot.com] Profile is writing the “what’s on your mind” box. You have to remember that not everything in your mind can be accepted by other people. So try to keep sensitive things buried under your brain.
  • Be careful also with the friend request that you don’t know well. Suggested friend request will be better since you the person is recommended by trusted friend.
  • Write in your friend’s wall, but don’t write about anything personal such as phone number or family problem. You can use the messaging feature for this.
  • Don’t forget the privacy setting at the top of your homepage because it can put the limitations on people who can view different parts of your profile.

Since social networking site can also bring out good opportunities, try to read your profile from other people’s perspective. Avoid mentioning things that make you look uneducated. First impression is important, and managing your profile in good order and content.

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