Facebook – How To Tag Or Mention People, Pages Or Groups

Referrals are one of the best sources of business and Facebook has recognised this by providing a system where you can refer other people, their pages or groups to your friends.

What’s the purpose?

Referrals, as mentioned above, are a great source of testimonials and praise for your business, your ideas etc. Rather than praising yourself and hard selling your products and services, it often feels better if it comes from another person, client or friend of yours. It’s the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome: Don’t rave about yourself, but go ahead and rave about others. That is exactly what you can do with this feature.

What is tagging in a post?

By tagging you mention someone, write something about their product, idea, send them a public compliment or simply make a reference to someone or something, whether that is a positive or a negative statement. Let’s assume here, we will use it with a positive purpose in mind.

How is it done?

The tagging is done in your status update. In Facebook this box is also called the ‘Publisher box’ and is located on the top of your home page or profile page. To find it, look for the box, which says: ‘What’s on your mind?’

What or whom can I tag?

You can tag anything and anyone from a friend, a page, a group, an event or an application. Remember you need to be connected to the thing you are intending to tag. You are allowed to tag multiple different items in a single post, six at the most.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Write in the publisher box whatever you want to say about the person or thing you want to mention. When you come to mentioning their name, page or group, simply type the @ symbol, directly followed by their name, the page’s or group’s name. Make sure you do leave a space before the @ but no space between the @ symbol and the name.

2. A drop-down menu will appear with any matching entries. You can either finish writing the name yourself or chose from the menu.

3. The name will appear as a blue link in your post, so that people who look at your post can click on the link and directly visit the page or person mentioned.

If you’ve been tagged you will receive a notification and you will also see the post appear on your wall with a paperclip symbol at the beginning of the message. This way you can follow when someone mentions you and what comments people add to it.

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