3 EASY Steps To Get Started With Attraction Marketing

If you have already heard about attraction marketing and know what it is, you already know so much more than many out there using the internet to grow their business.

you have a feeling that it’s exactly THE strategy for you and the perfect way for you prefer to come across out there, but are not entirely sure as how to get started.

Today we’ll give you some tips here on how to get on with it right here, right now.

Being an attraction marketer doesn’t mean that you should not offer people what you have.

On the contrary.

It’s the WAY you offer your product service or opportunity that is different.

The difference between attraction marketing and ordinary marketing is that you do not “spam” people, stuffing your service or product down their throat.

This unfortunately happens all the time on social media and the truth is that NOBODY likes it.

And no one never really has built a longterm successful business that way. No top earner that I know of has built their empire using that method.

They ALL used attraction marketing – and so should you.

Your focus is firstly on making relations with your prospects and THEN you start considering whether or not what you have is a good fit for that person.

So distinguish between being an advisor or a seller. And distinguish between being intruding and being valuable.

So, let’s get started shall we!


First of all you need to take a look at ALL your online profiles. Are they attractive?

Are YOU attractive? Take a look at your different timelines and see if you would be attracted to you. Is it positive, inspiring, fun, motivating, informing?

Because that’s what it should be. And when I say informing I’m not talking about product or company links scattered all over your personal profile.

That is you being a seller. People don’t like that, especially not new friends you make.

Imagine you add someone as a friend. The first thing they do is to go check out your personal profile. If they find advertising all over the place, they will know why you added them and they’ll get out of there as quickly as possible.

So first thing first. Your profile must be attractive, inspiring, informative and inviting.


Invest in yourself!

Buy a course on attraction marketing or a course with the strategy you’d like to start implementing.

Could be a Facebook or an Instagram course. Education is essential!

To get better and being able to advice others you need to study.

Choose only ONE social media platform and become an expert on that. And make sure to keep your focus on that one platform.

Also make sure to be active, engaging and interactive with other people on your platform.


Now start sharing some of the valuable content that you have just learned. Some of the tips from the course you are doing. Share, share, share.

You can easily make a small cheat-sheet on 5 of the best tips you’ve just learned, save it as an PDF and share it with people in exchange of their email.

Start building your list this way and send out emails to your list with the latest tips and tricks you learn from your course.

Invest, Learn & Teach say’s Ray Higdon and you’ll find that people will start reaching out TO you instead of YOU running after them.

And when THAT happens it will feel just amazing, believe me!

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