3 Common Misconceptions of Business Owners for Having a Custom Business Website

I have seen a slew of small to medium scale business owners acting reluctantly when it comes to availing the services of custom web development companies when it comes to get their own websites developed. They either consider it as an unnecessary and time-consuming effort or rather prefer to cut it out by getting a free web template. In today’s times, when business, marketing, and technology go hand-in-hand, cutting down your expenses on such a crucial element won’t a thoughtful business move. It’s cut-throat competition out there among similar-niche businesses, and the ones that fall behind making use of emerging technology will definitely lose in the race.

Even if you are extremely content with the current success of your business and don’t feel like having a professional website, be certain that your competitors are not thinking the same way. They, as advised by their digital marketing strategists, will promptly opt for a business website and will successfully expand their reach to more and more number of customers. Let’s have a look at the misconceptions business owners cater in regards to having a professional website:

1. Sticking with a Free Website and Hinge on Online Directories

One may feel gratified after adding one’s business in online yellow pages. However, that way your business won’t appear any different than the millions of others’ listed there. Online directories confine the amount and type of information you can add. Thus, you can’t unfold every aspect your business there as you could do at your own website.

Business listing websites may offer you fields to put up some screenshots or images, a short description of your business, and a link to your website. Well, all things aside, but if you don’t have a website at all, what would you do with the link’s field? Online listings are great in a way but an authentic website is what passes a subtle impression on your customers.

2. Social Media is all I need to keep my Fans Updated

No doubt, all major social media platforms have found their reach to the pockets of millions of users. However, give this a second thought if you are planning on running your entire online business (or just content, updates, and marketing campaigns) through these flashing platforms. Social media platform can only give you a hint of freedom that you can actually get with your own website.

3. When I Need a Website, I will rather go with a Free Template One

In the event of winning the race by beating off your competitors (especially the ones who don’t have their business websites yet), you might mull over making use of those free drag-and-drop website building tools. However, doing that just wouldn’t cut it. These site-builders may offer a variety of templates with varying features. However, they still lack a solid Content Management System and a lot of dynamic features that otherwise would have been come with customized websites.

You wouldn’t enjoy living in a gigantic bungalow without the basic necessities and greeneries around, would you? Having a good-looking, smooth-functioning website is like replacing your car’s old junky engine with a brand new turbocharged one. At first, budgeting for a custom web development service or digital marketing company may seem like an utter waste of time, money, and efforts. But, it’s a necessary one that will reward you likely sooner than later.

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