10 reasons why you should market your business on Pinterest

Pinterest refers to a web application or rather a mobile application company, that is based on sharing advertisement images and registration is required. It is a free website, which allows users perform a various actions; they can upload, save, sort and manage these images referred to as pins and videos among other media content. All this is done through Pinboards.Over the years, Pinterest has emerged as a prospective business marketing platform which has really changed the definitions in the marketing areas.it is more of a business catalog of ideas than a mere social network. Pinterest has helped so many people find and be able to implement various business ideas. Specifically, retailers and CPG brands have found this platform worth praising because it has moved their businesses an extra mile. In summary, the following 10 reasons to market your business with Pinterest,help you positively; transform business-marketing strategies based on Pinterest.

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  1. Pinterest is large platform that will ensure you reach your target audience:

With more than 100 million people using Pinterest, this platform will help you reach the prospective customers within the expected period. The following statistics from Ahalogy will help you get the true picture of this sizeable platform; about 68% of the all the pinners are below 40 years of age, an increase of about 27% from last year. About 54% of women in the age bracket of 34 and 55 are on Pinterest and 35% have a household income of more than $100k.Male users as well as Hispanics have also not been left behind, their number in the Pinterest have incredibly grown over the past one year.

  1. Pinterest helps your business gain long term benefits:

Pins last for a considerable longer period in the shelves, due to the discovery of search powers, all you have to do is to optimize the website and create pins of very high quality, and you will reap the benefits of an evergreen market.

  1. Openness in the marketing process:

About 67% off all the content in the Pinterest database comes from businesses. According to a research done by Ahalogy, most pinners are highly interested by the brands rather than the celebrities. This confirms to you one thing, that this platform is more of a business site than an interactive social site, e.g. 70% of the people said they were more interested in following their favorite hair care product, than their favorite hair stylist,73% said that they would rather follow their favorite brand for beauty product than their favorite make-up artist.

  1. Pinterest positively impacts on purchase:

Majority of the pinners are loyal, this loyalty is not just confined and limited to browsing. Pinners use Pinterest to make unwavering decisions on what to buy. According to Mallard Brown, 87% of the pinners have at one time purchased a product just because it was on Pinterest and 93% of pinners make future purchasing decisions by use of Pinterest.

  1. Building of significant referral traffic:

About 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, this is much significant as it ranks second from Facebook, which commands over 25% of all referral traffic on the internet. This means that very many businesses that are SEO optimized have a better chance of driving conversions, conversations among other desirable actions on the web.

  1. Pinterest offers a larger shopping cart:

According to recent research by shopify, Pinterest average order value is a bit higher than that of faceboo, it is about $58.95 compared to the $55 from Facebook, hence more favorable for business marketing.

  1. Pinterest keeps you updated on the emerging issues in the market:

It helps you get the latest news on various industries such as fashion, food and home and beauty. When you locate a promoted pin, you can do the follow up and derive the various benefits embedded on it.

  1. Being on Pinterest offers you more purchasing power:

Being among the pinners creates an added advantage over the non pinners because it allows you to reach the target audience more easily and cuts the cost that would otherwise be incurred while using the traditional marketing methods such as TVs and magazines. As a pinner, you end up saving a lot by reducing unnecessary spending.

  1. Pinterest enables your brand improve someone’s life: When you add impactful pins, you are giving someone a constructive idea on their future.
  2. Pinterest helps people to improve the brand quality:

As people have a tendency to check on their devices while they are shopping, turning the practice of show rooming into a crucial business strategy. This challenges the retailers to improve their products’ quality.

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